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01-31-00, 06:01 AM

I'm fairly new to overclocking and I had a few question.

First the specs:
PIII 600B 133Mhz
Abit VA6
128MB PC133
Diamond TNT2 Ultra (w/oem fan)
IBM Deskstar 20.5GB 72K ATA/66
Stock Intel CPU fan
1 P/S exhaust fan
1 80mm case intake fan

I can overclock to 630Mhz via 140(1/4)x4.5
with good stability.

1.This means that the PCI bus is now running at 35Mhz (normaly 33) and the AGP bus is now running at 70Mhz (normaly 66) correct?

2.The next attempt will be at 665Mhz 133(1/4)x5.0. This will bring the PCI/AGP buses back to normal speeds while boosting the CPU speed right?

3.Do I have enough cooling for 665Mhz?

4.Will I get better performance at 630 Mhz and plus 2/4 Mhz in the PCI/AGP bus speeds or 665 Mhz and normal bus speeds?

5.I have yet to adjust the core voltage (2.05v original). Should I adjust to 2.10v if I attempt 665Mhz?

Sorry for writting a book. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Cheers! Tek

02-10-00, 01:28 AM
I sure would like to know how you are going to change the clock multiplier on your processor.