View Full Version : AMD Athlon 700 - only 2 memory slots?!?

01-30-00, 04:56 PM
What's up with that? I really like the performance of the AMD chip, but only two slots?!? I have 2 128MB DIMMS and there's only room for one more.

What a waste. Anyone know what's up with that?

01-31-00, 05:55 PM
I just finished up my new athlon 700. I have 3 ram slots :P ... what mobo do you have?


02-02-00, 12:30 AM
I dunno, but it's a brand spanking new Compaq Presario model #7985, 750Mhz Athlon, 128MB, 30GB, 10X DVD, yadda yadda...

It's a killer processor, but I'm hurting for RAM space.

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02-02-00, 05:14 AM
Some advice- next time you get a computer, build it yourself, or have someone else build it for you. Alot of the times when you buy from a company you don't have the upgradibility that you would want. What graphics and sound card does it have? Another thing companies sometimes do is give you crappy peripherals.


02-02-00, 04:28 PM
I agree with you...however I don't really need much from my computer, just that I can use the 2 extra 128MB DIMMs I already have. One is just collecting dust, instead of enhancing my computing experience http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/frown.gif

02-03-00, 04:15 PM
Hmmm... What on earth do you run that would be improved by having more that 256Meg?!? http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/confused.gif Have you ever monitored your memory usage to see how much of your physical memory is actually being used? I doubt that you would even be able to notice any performance difference betwee 256M and 384M (except in bragging rights maybe http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif )

Just my $.02

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02-03-00, 04:35 PM
I'll but the 128 DIMM from you, if its PC100 (which I'm sure it is prolly PC133). http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif

Email me if you are interested!

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02-03-00, 08:52 PM
You're probably right, except when doing stuff like, encoding MP3s, burning CDs, having 15 IE windows open.

Make me an offer for the memory at rashaad@hotmail.com.

02-05-00, 03:48 PM
I feel sorry for you.. ppl actually still buy compaq crap? now thats a waste.. buy a real computer next time http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif Its not as hard as you might think to build your own or buy from a custom place and choose your own components..

02-05-00, 04:14 PM
yea, I would also go about selling the ram on ebay.

02-05-00, 11:51 PM
shaady, Sell the dimms on Ebay...if you've ever checked, most computer stuff sells for way more than used stuff is worth. Then buy you a brand new 256 dimm...Also...if the dimms are listed from a noted company, put that in your add. just my 2 cents too.

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02-07-00, 10:10 AM
Actually, I'd disagree on Compaq.

I don't work for them, and I built my own rig for my use, and will soon build another, so that I may complete my plans for "TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!!!"(tm). One thing I've noticed at work is that I don't spend a lot of my time supporting hardware issues with Compaq machines or servers. For what they do, they tend to do pretty well, and pretty reliably.

Fastest out there? No, but they tend to work right out of the box, and for many people, that's more important than tweakability. it is for me, when I'd rather be reading speedguide.net than fixing yet another problem caused by users.


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02-12-00, 07:19 AM
Sell the 128, get the 256, I know your pain. I do audio recording on a event layla vurtual studio, and I tend to agree with bouncer, if you dont have the time or esperence to build your own machine.