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01-29-00, 10:11 PM
Anyone know if a radio signals can interfere with a NIC? I've got a cable hookup with roadrunner and I seem to randomly lose the connection pretty often. A neighbor of mine has a ham radio setup and was wondering if that might be the cause.

01-30-00, 11:51 PM
As far as I know, no. The cable is totally land line, and the ham radio is through radio waves, so unless you only disconnect when he turns it on/off, or some other similarity then I don't think it has anything to do with that. Try a different NIC card, maybe call roadrunner and see if they have been having problems.

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tango whiskey
02-05-00, 03:15 PM
re:loss of connection / RFI?
I had similar problems caused by RFI,(which appeared after the cable modem was installed) but it wasn't from outside; it was a connector on the cable from my incoming splitter to my VCR that was not making a good ground...the thread was a bit short, and would bottom out too soon on the receptacle, thus not making a tight enough connection for the cable shield (I thought it was tight). The only "shield ground" was due to the weight of the cable (horizontally mounted) making a "point contact". It was spraying rf all over the place (tv was ok, vcr was out to lunch.). Ensure that all connections are tight, complete, AND that there is no movement anywhere at the connector. Maybe change to a higher quality cable? The Cat.5 UTP is actually pretty good, rf wise, so I wouldn't suspect it as yet. If you still have the RFI problem, the HAM operator can help you sniff it out since, if he is spraying RF, he would want to know...also, try "sniffing" around the area with an AM radio tuned off station. Leaking RF will be recieved near the point of radiation (an old HAM trick)...g'luck

02-25-00, 01:51 PM
Ham radio operates in the HF (high frequency) band and uses 3-30MHz radio waves.
Yes, this frequency range can be hell on computer electronics if the amplitude is sufficient.
I found out a long time ago when my bud lived near a taxi CB distpatcher.

Ham radio operators require a licence and have a set of rules regarding where they can blast their signals. If you feel that someone is corrupting your PC, it may be a good idea to call the local or federal office of the FCC and ask for someone to come over and scan your neighborhood. After all, it is illegal to disrupt the airwaves and peoples electronics with improper use of radio emitters.