View Full Version : Port forwarding suddenly stopped working

12-21-08, 11:50 AM
Wow. There isn't much traffic to this sub-forum. Does that mean Verizon FiOS is working hunky-dory and peachy-keen for everyone?

Mine was working great until Thursday, Dec 18.

Does anyone else (who reads this) use port forwarding for any purpose?
Have you had any problems?

To use SSH (secure shell) I had to configure my Verizon router to forward incoming port 22 packets to one specific computer on my house network. I did that a year and a half ago when I got FiOS and I have been logging into my home PC from work that way ever since. Or at least until last Thursday when it stopped working.

I called Verizon and put up with an hour of frustration, first talking to a dumb robot then being shunted through two humans to a final technician that didn't know what port forwarding is or what it's used for or the general capabilities of the router that Verizon provides.

I think my router is broken, but Verizon wants me to pay for enhanced support to verify it's broken before they replace it.

12-21-08, 01:56 PM
I tracked down a post on another forum (http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r21612053-New-MI424-firmware-4016156010113-pushed-Dec-18) that reported that Verizon and/or Actiontec had pushed a firmware update onto the unsuspecting public (at least in Maryland) on Thursday night.

So I logged onto my Actiontec router, and went to Advanced-> "Firmware Restore" and clicked the link to restore the last upgrade, from January.

IT WORKED! I can now SSH to a remote computer and SSH back. This verifies that I will be able to get in from work.

NO THANKS TO VERIZON's worthless tech support.