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01-20-00, 05:54 PM
For some reason when i am in windows, out of nowhere it will just freeze. This also happens while playing games such as Starcraft and Command and Conquer. I have a Voodoo 3 2000 PCI with the latest drivers installed. If anyone could somehow help me with this problem it would be much appreciated. Thanks.

01-25-00, 08:13 AM
The best thing to do is format and start over again. If that doesn't work you might not have enough memory or harddrive space.

01-29-00, 02:12 PM
Hmm, have you checked that you have enough ventalation??? I installed the same card in my parents 200mmx system, it was hot (IMHO) just running in 2d.... check fans, case fan...(get 1 if you dont have 1) buy a can of compressed air for blowing out the dust and crud outta your powersupply, inside the case... Just a thought...

01-31-00, 07:36 AM
Originally posted by livewire:
The best thing to do is format and start over again. If that doesn't work you might not have enough memory or harddrive space.

DO NOT REFORMAT! 99% of the time w/ a little searching & help you can find the source of the problem saving you HOURS of work & frustration. Too many folks use "reformat" as an end all to problems & most of the time the problem will return.
Have you searched the MS knowledge base?

Have you tried turning down "hardware acceleration"?

What are your system specs?

Any "!" in device manager?

Did you check for conflicts in System Info?

You may have a cooling problem but more than likely it's something else that has already been reported & is known about at MSSupport or on other support sites.

Try asking here too:

But do not reformat until you have at least tried to resolve problem.

01-31-00, 07:56 AM
On the contrary, I find reformating to be much simpler than rooting out dlls, old programs, and unnecessary settings from the past. Also, if you have all your desktop themes and screensavers installed, get rid of some of them! Who wants that damn hippie screensavers on thier desktop?


01-31-00, 11:25 PM
I agree w/ you in that sometimes reformatting is easier than having to do an overhaul of existing settings & registered items.

The point I was trying to make I guess is that the original post had very little info about the system & problem & that telling to reformat may have been a hasty solution.
And that by regularly running system utilities like SFC & scan disk & defragg a lot of problems can be avoided. As well as backing up reg prior to new software/hardware installs.

I regularly check device manager for problem devices & run a bunch of utilities to see what's happening on my machine, much like one would maintain their auto or any other piece of equipment or tools. My last BSOD was over 6 monthes ago! And the only dll related error messages I've recieved in the last 6 monthes were due to crappy scripting on some websites!

One should also have a good utility to clean out the reg.(other than msreglean) Or know how to do it manually.

Often a problem does have a simple solution.

In the first post of this thread he says he's got the latest updated drivers. That was on the 20th of Jan. The most recent driver for that card is from the 27th of Jan! http://www.3dfxgamers.com/view.asp?IOID=15

And also he could check here:

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02-12-00, 04:06 PM
I tend to agree with tonyt, what have you learned about anything if you reformat most of your problems away and if its a settings problem or hardware you've changed nothing and lost alot of data & associations, to windows something I cant let happen when running 80 gigs and 60 gigs of it is associated in multiple places, There is alot of info out there, research, attack & destroy and you'll probably be happier with yourself for fixing a real world problem rather then being the hero in freespace or whatever your into.