View Full Version : best mobo for Athlon 500mhz??

01-10-00, 05:02 PM
i am ordering my Athlon 500 soon, any suggestions on which motherboad to purchase?

01-11-00, 12:37 AM
I've tried both FIC SD11 and Asus K7M and I like the Asus mobo more myself... If you can't wait for 4xAGP chipset, I'd say get the K7M, although I haven't checked what else is new.

01-11-00, 01:58 AM
Well right now there really isn't a killer mobo for the Athlon yet. They ALL have some kind of problem. IMO the absolute best right now is the Asus K7M and even that isn't perfect. I do know that Soyo is making an Athlon board now, though it's not on their site yet.

One thing I can tell you now about the Athlon and current mobos is excpect compatibility problems with something. It's not as stable as the good ole Intel + BX combo.

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01-13-00, 02:27 PM
anyone else? any opinion is appreciated =)

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01-17-00, 11:13 PM
I am running an Athlon 550 with the FIC11 motherboard, and it has been a very stable machine. The Athlon chip is fantastic, and very stable if you supply it with enough clean power (an AMD recommended case and power supply).

The only compatability issue that I have run across is with the GeForce256 cards. AMD has worked hard to produce a fix for this, which is really nothing more than dropping it down to AGP1x instead of 2x. You get about a 1% hit to performance.