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01-05-00, 05:40 PM
My computer has an Abit BH6 mb, 64 ram, celeron 300A @300, and an Asus riva tnt. Sometimes it won't boot, and if it does it locks right after the background comes up. If I get this far it runs pretty well until I try to run an opengl game. It freezes. D3d seems to work.

After having tried to change graphics cards, memory, hard drive - without success - I could really use some advice from you guys.

Please help me!

01-25-00, 08:15 AM
Get the updated drivers for OPENGL.

02-05-00, 11:14 PM
i'm not so sure that updated OpenGL drivers are the answer to your question.

what OS are you running? 95, 98, NT, Win2000, Linux?
that information is very important.

02-06-00, 12:51 AM
Might wanna try flashing your BIOS with the latest update, follow the BIOS flashing instructionz PRECISELY, STEP BY STEP or else you can mess up your MB.

02-06-00, 05:55 PM
You said you tried different video cards and memory already?

Flash BIOS

Update Drivers and get DX7

Run Scandisk

Maybe even a reinstall of windows is neccassary assuming your using windows.

02-12-00, 02:17 PM
Riva TNT cards have a couple of setup issues,
#1 Video bios shadow :OFF
#2 Video bios Cacheable:OFF
#3 Memory hole at 15-16Mb http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gifISABLED
#4 Onchip usb:ENABLED
This is a good place to start and is recomended by riva for most chipsets and you could also try running riva generic reference drivers, get them from the riva website. good luck!