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01-01-00, 06:28 PM
Anyone know where i can get a p3 Peltier cooler? Or do you think that a watercooler would be a better way to go?

01-06-00, 09:53 PM
Try this site
(no Im not advertising or affiliated http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/smile.gif ) It has lots of cooling goodies

01-18-00, 02:48 PM
Before you sticking that TE cooler into your expensive system, you should take care to remove as much humidity as possible from the air around the cpu. I've had some experience with the Peltier in desert/milirary technology and they are quite tricky little buggers. Even a small one can pull an amp or so right out of the system, and develop a 1" iceball in about an hour. As they use electricy (hysterisis) to create the thermal reaction, they also can be noisy, so one sitting near your board may introduce noise. Try looking into a re-useable dessicant while you search for the cooler.
O.k now for the hot, get a well crafted aluminum, black anodized heat sink, plus a large fan, the biggest you can find. I find a lot of the heat shrinks are made of cheap aluminum (6061-T6 or worse) with only average thermal qualities, so pay out a bit because it counts. Heatsinks use surface area to dissipate the heat, so use that when you look 4 one. Plus you can look into a heatsink compound for more efficient thermal transfer.
Good luck.

01-19-00, 12:33 AM
Not affiliated with these folks but they get some pretty good reviews.

Good Luck!

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