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12-29-99, 12:11 AM
I'm having a serious problem with my new bp6 mobo, Everything was working fine until i installed win98 which is the only OS i have on it! and then everytime i shutdown from win98..the soft shutdown.where the OS turns off the computer, the next time around when i boot up again it'll give me error beeps and i get no video, i'm running a voodoo3 3000, an ethernet card, a SB Live, the voodoo is in the AGP slot and my HD is a maxtor 27gig. I also have a jvc cdr drive and a samsung 32x cd drive hooked up to ide 1&2 the HD is hooked up to Ide controller 4 which supports DMA66. Any suggesstions would be appreciated..basically it won't boot up after you shutdown from windows98, when i shut it down after i get the error beeps it will turn on the second time, could it be the mobo??

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12-30-99, 05:28 PM
I was having the same problem with my Voodoo3.. what kind of chip do you have. I found out that it was either/or the Voodoo was not in all the way or the chip was loose and would come out of the sockets...

01-03-00, 07:16 PM
HEY -DOOD - yea i had the BH6 - and was like this is a nice mobo and all - then i had to upgrade my sisters comp - so i hit her with the bh6 and got the BF6 - wow what a nice mobo - has everything - ok let me cut to the chase - i HAD the same problems. ok here is what u gota do u gota go on ur mobo find the jp2 jumper - put it on 1 and 2 - this disables powerrecovery - i was gettin the same crap - i was pissed - then i tryed changing this little baby - it did the trick - i thaught it was from my agp vid card 2 - ati rage128 32mb - i was wrong dood this and it will work - this setting is better any ways - i dont c y the default is on 2&3 ? its kinds lame if u ask me - hope this works 4 ya - ever since i did it its been booting up right - no more monitor on and then it goes out but my computer is still on - :] - the BP6 & BF6 are about the same

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01-05-00, 03:17 AM
Maybe you guys can help me with my problem with my BE6... read my post in the Computer Hardware section concerning two HDDs on UDMA66 mode.