View Full Version : underclocking

12-21-99, 09:42 PM
Firstly, i was wondering what harm I would be doing were I to go to 7.5x83 on my C500 to my PCI and IDE buses. If I were to set the multiplier to 1/3, putting my PCI bus at 28mhz. Is this a bad thing? Do I care at all? I have an AGP tnt2u. I have a network PCI card and a winmodem PCI, and a 2nd network and my soundcard are ISA. Don't have a scsi card, and both my hds are IDE. Would it be counterproductive to overclock the CPU while basically underclocking the rest of the computer? Would I be doing any harm? Is it one of those "you won't be doing any harm, although we're not too sure if the outcome will be good or bad, so you should test it yourself" type things?