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12-14-99, 11:18 PM
well All of the dell that i have worked with the mother boards are some custom made thing for them. I have never found a part number on them either. Not to say that DEll does not have a part number. The O/C will be depent on the speed of the Ram in the computer. PC100 is a great solution. you can look at the bios options to see if there is a place to change the Mainboard bus speeds. The multiplier will be fixed. The other part is the voltage for the Chip. when you increase the speed you might need to up the voltage. In the case of an Abit board this can be done in the bios. On some of the others this more of a problem. If you are serious in playing with overclocking. you can pick up parts really cheap right now.. celerons are going for 37.00 and a mainboard is cheap as well... Remember ABIT makes a mean overclocking Mainboard.

12-20-99, 06:49 AM
Dell boards are OEM and are 'clock-locked'. There are part#'s but you won't be able to use it to purchase a board in the open market. Some of the older Dell units were overclocked using jumpers. The newer PII/III boxes are locked. AOpen makes a nice mb too.

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