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12-07-99, 10:23 AM
If you are into benchmarking your system and video card like I am then you will want this! If you know what 3DMark 99 is this is the next version just released yesterday. It's 18MB in size but no problem for us people with high speed connections right? www.madonion.com (http://www.madonion.com) is the main website www.madonion.com/3dmark2000 (http://www.madonion.com/3dmark2000) is the 3DMark 2000 page.
That Demo run that it does rocks! It's called Demo Mode, (incase you've never used)

Just thought I would pass this info along.

It runs pretty smooth for me at 1024x768x32 with my PIII @ 560 using SSE and with My video card an ATI Rage 128 32MB AGP overclocked from it's origianl speed of 103/103 to 110/120

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08-06-01, 02:47 AM
Cool :) i've waited -1 years for this!

08-06-01, 02:49 AM
OMFG my 2mb vid card got 14 WTF IS WRONG?!?!!? AM I getting h4x0rd?!!?!?!?

08-06-01, 03:35 AM
My IBM PC Junior wont run it, i'll have to get out my cyrix 486!

08-06-01, 03:37 AM
h4x the gibons!

08-06-01, 04:27 AM
i gotta -6! w00t!

08-06-01, 06:55 AM

Someone digging around in some ancient archives to dig up this old benchmark post?

08-06-01, 09:29 AM
I posted this on 12-07-1999 lmao

YOS bumped it back up lol :D

08-06-01, 10:24 AM
your system specs have sky rocked since then...

08-06-01, 11:44 AM
wonder if my commodore 64 can run it....ive got it o/c with watercooling and upgraded it to 128kb.

08-07-01, 12:40 AM
damn now 233mx ownz j00 all on this!