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11-30-99, 01:22 PM
I have the following system config and would like to know if anyone can tell me if it is possible or even worthwhile overclocking the CPU.

PII 350 Mhz
128 Mb PC100 Memory
Asus P2B Motherboard
Bios rev 1011


12-01-99, 11:23 PM
PII 350???

Might be unlocked (some of them where) depends on when it was manufactured. Set the x to 4 and the FSB to 112 (or 100), bump the vre up a .1 and fire her up. Better cooling will be required, these puppies were the 35 micron process and use a bit more vre and generate a bit more heat.

good luck.


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12-04-99, 09:41 PM
The chances of overclocking of a p2 350 arnt likely - the p2 350 runs at a 100mhz front side bus - so if u get it ant highersome of your periferals might act up - what u could do is put the turbo function on thats like a 4mhz boost it adds up to 18mhz more on ur processer speed when the multiplyer is set at 4.5 whis isent a very notceible increse.

12-06-99, 01:08 PM
Well ive got the same system, PII 350 SL2WZ, p2b/1011 and 128mbPC100.
After running for i while on 112mhz fsb(392mhz) i pulled out the processor and bought a celeron 366, now running on 550MHz, 100Mhz FSB and extra cooling.

If you can get another mobo, try stepping up the core voltage to 2.1 or 2.2, not higher. And buy a better cooler (dual fan).

good luck o/c'ing