View Full Version : can't boot with the 122mhz fsb

11-25-99, 06:49 PM
i can get my k6-2 350 to run stable at 450 but i can't get it even boot at anything with the 112fsb. what do i do?

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12-01-99, 11:14 PM
The SS platform is beset with problems when it comes to the higher FSB's.

With the ASUS P5A, 115 FSB seems to be the max, with 112 the max on others. Some very lucky individuals have gotten the 124 FSB to work on an FIC 503+ and an AMD CPU.

Go Athlon if you want to run her at a higher FSB, or Inhell. I am presently running the 155FSB with my PIII 450 @697 on an MSI 6163 Pro and some very well choosen components.


12-06-99, 01:00 PM
Using a higher FSB than 100 MHz requires all componentes to run faster. Your memory has to be PC100 or PC133 to be save. Be aware that all card will run faster and will produce more heat. All cards, hdd's cdrom's will run faster and can cause boot and working problems.

1 tip, if you want a cheap and fast system, buy a celeron. those work normally at 66mhz fsb, but will be much faster than a pII/III overclocked at 100mhz fsb.