View Full Version : 300a at 450 100mhz bus speed

11-25-99, 02:23 AM
i had no problem over clocking my system.
but you will need pc100 mem ,the reg mem just will not take the faster bus speeds.
i run my 300a at 450 and the cpu temp is at a cool 28c. i use a 440bx chip set on the mother board ,very overclockable.
i have found that most cpu,s can be over clocked in some way,you might not get the speeds that i have but you should get somethig.my wifes sys is a intel 266 and i was told it cold not be overclocked but its running at 333mhz,go figure.

12-02-99, 12:27 AM
the 266's were unlocked in their early stages, thus the 333 clocking.