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Xander Solis
11-27-08, 10:30 PM

You can change the default application for the file format via right
clicking on your avi file, Under the General tab > Click the change
button alongside the "Opens with" label > Choose the multimedia
application that you would want to be the default > Click Ok.

Hope this helps,

Xander R. Solis

On Nov 2, 11:28*am, Gualtier Malde <valac...@comcast.net> wrote:
> I am using Windows 2000 SP4 on a Sager Notebook. *I have Spybot S&D and"Scan
> with Spybot..." is part of the right-click menu items for a variety of files.
> The problem is that the scan has become the default action for my .avi files,
> requiring a separate step of canceling the scan or always opening .avi files
> using right-click and "Play with...". *That default scan does not show up on the
> Tools>Folder options>File types utility.
> How do I put Spybot back in its place? *Thanks - gm