View Full Version : Do benefits outweigh risks?

11-12-99, 08:53 PM
I am tinkering w/ the idea of overclocking, but wonder if the increase in speed will be observed enough to offset any risk that is incurred. I do not use the computer for games. Mostly for spread sheets, genealogy, web page designs, etc. How do I check my systems' current CPU/Bus speeds? If the benefits are great enough, where/how do I do it? I have an AMD-K6 233, a Ali Aladdin V AGPset motherboard with an Award Bios. Any observation, opinion, instructions will really be appreciated. Thanks

11-28-99, 09:55 PM
i wouldnt bother, K6 and K6-2 are awful for overclocking, you'd be lucky to get that 233 to run well at 266 or even 300...

If you want to overclock you want an INTEL preferably a Celeron or Pentium 3

12-03-99, 11:11 PM
Not true. P3's are terrible for oc'ing. And retail Celeron's aren't good either. The only one was the 366 OEM, which could achieve around 500mhz. The days of oc'ing cpu's is dying. Buy a new one. They're dirt cheap these days. Check out www.pricewatch.com (http://www.pricewatch.com) (no affiliation to me at all) it has the lowest prices on anything computer.

12-04-99, 10:12 PM
Jon , ur crazy - the overclocking fade has just started - no with the techonlogy the fbs speed are getting faster and the processors are running a a lower voltage - look the intel DX 100mhz 486 chip and at a vlotage of 3.6 ^ or so - thus making that chip never being able to o/c it would already get errors at standard speed - now the new processord have a voltage of 2.00 - thats a lot less power going threw it - thus making it cooler- now that the fbs speeds are getting up to 200mhz and above - i c a lot of o/c coming - b 4 u start talking about o/cing man , get ur stuff right - the celerons are great 4 o/cing their fbs is 66mhz - letting u boost the fbs is a great tool - man go overclock your claculator -then get back to me :]