View Full Version : Overclocking Pentium III 450 MHz

Zero Gear
11-07-99, 04:46 PM
How should I overclock my Pentium III 450 MHz with QS440VA Motherboard (Specs: http://www.bcmgvc.com/products/QS440VA.htm) - please help.

11-16-99, 07:18 PM
Sorry man I have heard(but not sure)that Intel has locked down the PIII series.The chip will not operate unless the Nave settings are used.

11-25-99, 01:17 PM
Use the Abit BE6 mother board and you can over clock the 450 mhz pIII to 558MHZ.

12-01-99, 11:16 PM
running mine @697



the problem with this m/B is that it may be an Intel board, thus no clocking possibilities.

12-03-99, 06:01 PM
So, you are running a PIII 450 at 690+MHz.
Since the 450 uses a 100MHZ FSB and a 4.5 multiplier, you must be running a 150+MHZ FSB.
pretty impressive
Too bad your RAM is melted, your hard drive on fire, and all your PCI cards have been destroyed. http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/wink.gif

Do the world a favor, kill yourself. :)

12-03-99, 11:14 PM
dbretton summed it up exactly right. RADZ is F.O.S. (full of sh..). You'll only burn your system up trying.-*

12-04-99, 09:45 PM
yea this doods quick - 450mhz at 100fbs - cant get close to 690 - most it could get with standard cooling is 464 - Maybe :]