View Full Version : New Motherboard recomendations

10-28-99, 07:42 AM
I need some recomendations for a new motherboard.
I need atleast 4x AGP, Slot 1, only PCI slots, and ATA 66.

12-18-99, 06:48 PM
Well the only motherboard out there with support 4 AGP is the one with Intel new chip, and Rambus support. So what that means that u will have to wait well into the next year for that motherboard. Unless u have money to burn, go out and buy the Intel. If u are lucky to find retail this year, because of what I read on various websites the numbers are low. So wait a little bit, until Via releases new chip with support of 4 AGP, or the other motherboard vendors get their hands on Intel chip. I hope that helps, and if it doesn't check out some websites that would help http://bxboards.com/ and http://www6.tomshardware.com/
Those two should provide much more info to you.