View Full Version : 166mmx overclocking

10-01-99, 09:26 AM
I set my configuration to 3.0 x 75mhz and the speed comes up at 188mhz why can I not get it to go faster?

10-02-99, 06:08 PM

Actually it sound likes you are using 2.5 * 75Mhz.......that is what my P166 is at right now.

Sounds like your P166 has the pins blocked.....Intel did this to stop overlcockers.......so you were succesful in overclocking from 66 to 75 MHz, but it did not like the 3.0 and left the multiplier at 2.5.........

That is why I left my comp at 187.5 MHz......the 3.0 would not work either because of intels pin blocking

10-03-99, 12:06 PM
Thanks for the input, I want to upgrade but the price of ream stopped that!