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09-19-99, 09:20 AM
Hello all. Just checkin out information on this overclocking.Hate to ask a stupid question but here goes anyway. I have a 333mhz Pent2. My board is the intel LX40chipset with 66mhz bus board. Now, that is the largest CPU supported by the LX 40? Or can I overclock. Or is my 66mhz bus speed preventing me from doing anything with this? I unfortunately also have the Phoenix bios installed. ANY comments or info would be appreciated, Thanks. Oh by the way I looked at motherboard and cant find any jumpers that even imply changing the clock multiplier. Like I say Im in the gray on this subject. Thanks for your time.

10-09-99, 04:46 AM

Try bumping your bus speed from 66 to 75 MHz......if it is supported........

either through the bios or actual jumper pins.....

I think that is all you can do.

10-09-99, 07:55 AM
If the MOBO is OEM you may not have access to anything. Companies liek gateway.Dell etc.. have the bios configured to block all those settings

Sometimes the obvious is very well hidden...