View Full Version : Overclocking a K6-2 350

09-02-99, 09:16 AM
Hi, I would like to overclock my K6-2 350 MHz CPU. I have a FIC VA-503+ v1.2A motherboard with BIOS 1.15JE36. I've been thinking about 112x4 = 448 MHz, since then my PCI boards will be faster. Where I bought the CPU and Fan they say that the fan can handle CPU up to 500MHz. Is it a good idea to overclock the CPU like I planned, or should I choose a slower speed like 112*3,5? I now have 100*3,5. How big is the risk that the CPU/motherboard will fry?

09-03-99, 07:37 AM
It should work at 112x3.5, I don't think it would work at 112x4.

10-24-99, 01:15 AM
I have exactly the same CPU and board. The best I could do was 112 x 3.5 = 392 MHz.
At this speed the system was stable in Windows98 SE. I also ran Waterfall for the additional cooling, not that the AMD chip needed it. It runs relatively cool already.

10-25-99, 10:20 AM
I have the same setup(FIC VA503+,AMD 350) and I got it o/c'd to 400 (4 X 100) last weekend, and it is very stable in Win98. I used thermal paste (2 bucks,Radio Shack) and only the stock Heatsink/Fan and it seems to work fine.I left voltage at 2.2v. I also use RAIN to keep CPU cool when not being accessed.(Doesnt help in gaming, tho.)I might try 500 mhz, but not without a couple of case fans. I wouldnt mess with any settings where you only have 66mhz bus speed unless that's the best you can clock to.The FIC is optimized for 100 mhz bus. What size is your L2 cache? 512, 1 or 2 mb? Regarding your overvoltage of PCI devices, be careful. I have SB Live! and was told it is very sensitive to voltage changes. One more thing... the AMDK6-3 450 and 500 chips work perfectly in our m/b's! 500 mhz with L3 cache, all out of an AT case... Amazing...