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08-31-99, 08:33 PM
Did any of you hear about the new PC that comes with twin 466 Celerons. The motherboard will support 8X overclocking!!!

I guess you would have to put the machine in the freezer a couple hours before running it that fast.

Anyhow, the article I saw this in is here: http://www.zdnet.com/zdnn/stories/news/0,4586,2319637,00.html

I'm curious to here others impressions on it.

08-06-01, 08:13 AM
For a LAN party I helped setup a while ago, they had a budget server with a dual proc mobo....didn't get the funding for dual PIII's, so they picked up a pair of Celery 500s.

I wasn't prepared for this box to perform well, but I went ahead, installed NT 4 Server, did my usual tweaks to it, and expected some laggy LAN. I clocked it modestly when I was done with NT setup, somewhere in the high 600's.

To my surprise, this thing ran a server, and two Quake3 servers for the LAN, which I don't think ran past 50 on the head count....but what amazed me was watching task monitor all through the LAN....the box barely passed 50 % CPU util for most of it.

I was a big fan of the old Celery300a @ 464 on the trusty Abit BH-6 back in the days, I was psyched to see them still kick a little butt in this setup.

08-06-01, 08:33 AM
this thread=from 1999 lol

08-06-01, 08:36 AM
Didn't even see that....I was wondering why the old 466 mHz and not Celery II's.

Saw another post resurrected from '99.....what's up with the old digging up of old posts?

08-06-01, 06:11 PM
Hahahahahaha ok FIRST thing, this article is from 1999, thats 2 years ago.

Second thing, its NOT 8x overclocking, it can support upto 8x CPU MULTIPLYER. CPU speed = FSB*Multiplyer. The Celeron 466 is running @ 66Mhz FSB * 7 = 462Mhz. Got that??

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08-06-01, 09:31 PM
What is with all the old post being dug up?

08-07-01, 02:07 AM
Originally posted by terrancelam
What is with all the old post being dug up?

this one wasnt me i only bring back quality posts :)