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08-07-99, 03:31 PM
I have done many upgrades to my computer recently, new video card, sound card, more RAM.......the only thing I have left is my CPU, but heres the problem. I have been told that a mother board has to be a certain speed, 100 hz board is what I'm told , to support the faster proccessors. I currently have an AMD k-6 200 Mhz clocked to 233. I am trying to find out if my board will support a faster CPU, like an AMD k-6 3 400 Mhz with 3D now or a comparable pentium. I have looked everywhere for this information, I've checked the board it self to see the printed multipliers but I can't find them and I'm sure I covered every inch of the board, I was told by a computer shop where to look. I just want to know because I dont want to buy a new board if I don't have to ( yuk ).Can anyone suggest an easy way to get this info....I tried the site of the chipset (SiS ) but it is little help. I have the motherboard driver CD ROM but no written manual, maybe the info is on the CD and Im just not looking in the right place. Please try to help, I know this sounds very confusing.....just getting a little frustrated... Thanks in advance

08-07-99, 04:34 PM
You should check what's the brand name of your motherboard manufacturer, not the chipset. The model of the board should be written somewhere... Once you know the manufacturer and the model, you can always check their website and see what it supports.

08-07-99, 06:23 PM
Thanks Phillip, I'll do that. I just opened the disc contents and I think I have a VX ProII M559 ( i think that because the SiS chipset is a 5595 ) I'll check around for that, If you have any guggestions let me know...also I cant open the file for the manual because one time I tried and I did'nt see that it was a .CDR file, I clicked to open it with Acrobat reader and left the box checked that says "always open with this program" woooops.....it's written with corel draw.. how do I change that file association ?

08-08-99, 08:16 AM
In Windows Explorer, highlight the file, then right click, while holding down the SHIFT key. Choose "Open With" from the pull down menu, and pick the program you want to open it with.

08-08-99, 01:02 PM
Thanks again, Im gonna go get a corel draw program

10-12-99, 04:01 AM
The board you have(m559) is made by PC-Chips. Check out the following website for info on it: http://www.pcchips.com/product.html

Unfortunately this mainboard offers FSB settings of 50/60/66/75 only, so a motherboard replacement will be needed for FSB settings 100 and above.

Although their boards arent the highest quality, they offer some really inexpensive upgrade paths for you. Some of their board offer AT/ATX and 72pin/SDRAM support on the same board, so you can reuse as many of your existing components as possible. You would still want to upgrade the RAM for a FSB of 100mhz though.