View Full Version : when is FIOS coming to pennsauken NJ? ever?

10-26-08, 10:09 PM

Bill M.
10-26-08, 10:30 PM
On Sun, 26 Oct 2008 23:09:46 -0400, Fosco_Bleecker-Baggins@shire.com

The body of your message was blank.


VAXman- @SendSpamHere.ORG
10-27-08, 08:15 AM
In article <57cag4pvevo4tuptc81slul6c90s1gi1ji@4ax.com>, Fosco_Bleecker-Baggins@shire.com writes:

Call them and ask. Their standard answer is "in the next 6 months".
I, myself, have received that answer for the past 3 years for my area
here in southern 'peoples republic of NJ'. Don't hold your breath.

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