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10-22-08, 04:18 PM
Guys, gals, nerds.

Perhaps my question is not going to be worthy of a reply and to some of you
may even be 'noobish' or seem 'skript kiddy' thing to ask.


Playing around with my own network tonight (and many other nights, come to
think of it) I have recently had some success using 'cain'. It has been a
learning curve and then some, i didn't know for one minute it was so easy to
gleam so much information so quickly using this software. The only thing
that i'm having issues with is that i can see url's being accessed but
cannot open them in my browser by right clicking and then 'open in browser'.

What am i doing wrong? or what am i missing?

Can anyone help?

For those of you about to form opinions of me let me explain.

I'm not looking to interfere with anyone elses network, i'm not a script
kiddy. I make more money by staying legal.