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10-20-08, 09:09 AM
Just a new thread on the ever so great 'TalkTalk' broadband.

How many of you if there are any have had troubles with this ISP?
Answer the following Q's and see if other people are/have experienced the same flaws as you!

1) Is your connection stable?
2) What is the maximum speed you can get? ie;download/upload etc.
3) Do you have wireless capability? speeds?
4) What hardware do you use? ie; Netgear, Belkin routers etc etc.
5) The settings for the hardware. ie; For Netgear etc etc.
6) Do you use any optimizers?
7) When you contact TalkTalk, you explain the problem, do they then advise they're changing you over to a different profile? And when that's completed, they ask you to test the connection, works fine, but when you put the phone down, the connection is back to it's original state?
8) What would you rate TalkTalk out of 10. 10 being the highest and obviously 1 being very disapointing.

Hope you will all share your problems/connection successes.:thumb:

07-31-11, 10:00 PM
I'm happy with TalkTalk 8/10
CS has been good you just have to go though the script with Dave from India and know what questions to ask and keep on telling Dave that he can not help you because he dos not have the power to fix the problem and keep pushing for second line support.
Works for me!

People having problems with Huawei hardware BT VDSL modem and talktalk HG532 both crap modem thinks its a toaster and HG532 has poor wireless performance.

Not a problem for me wire is the only way to go.

EoP works better the wireless.

SpeedGuide.net Speed Test Results
34142 kbps down (~34.14 Mbps, 4168 KB/s)↓
1693 kbps up (~1.69 Mbps, 207 KB/s)↑
10240 KB downloaded in 2.457 seconds
10240 KB uploaded in 49.552 seconds
Tested from: dagobah.biz
Test Link: http://www.speedguide.net/speedtest/results.php?test=3381489
Location: UK