View Full Version : CDMA wireless phone/modem config problem ..... please help... TQ

09-10-08, 02:45 PM
In Win_XP, my "Huawei" (ETS2058) CDMA Wireless Phone Modem
successfully accesses the Internet after going through the password
authentication process ( but only if I disable the "CHAP" protocol in
the Internet Explorer Connection advanced security options ) .....
....If 'CHAP' is enabled, the server returns an "Invalid user name or
password" error ..... [error 691].

Since Win'98_SE uses "CHAP" as the default protocol, internet login
attempts always fail the "user name & password" authentication with
this OS.

I have asked the local ISPs "experts" and "network engineers" to
configure their incoming routers / servers to enable the default
Windows (including "CHAP") protocol settings to be used but they
insist that the "Huawei" CDMA phone modem is not compatible with
the Windows '98 platform ....... this despite the fact that Huawei
provides full instructions and all drivers for Windows '98 and many
Huawei users in other countries have confirmed that they have had
no issues with the Huawei/Win'98 combination.

Does someone here know how to disable "CHAP" in Windows '98
so that non-encrypted passwords can be 'sent out' to the ISP for
internet logon purposes ?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.