View Full Version : Setting up security on access point router

09-21-08, 03:17 PM
I've got two linksys Wireless G routers networked.
The first, a WRT54GS is hooked up to my Toshiba cable modem.
The second, a WRT54G I assigned as an access point. It is wired to
the network and connected to a PS3 at the other end of house.

I use the access point wired to PS3 but also as wireless extender.
When I set up I wasn't using security settings but have recently
re-established WPA PSK security on the primary router which means the
extender is no longer working with my laptop (on which I reset the
profile to WPA-PSK). I figured I could wire the extender up to laptop
and establish security settings identical to the primary router, but
can't figure out how to do this without resetting the extender. Is
there an easy way to do this? Thanks