View Full Version : Netgear DG834GSP v 3

09-17-08, 06:36 AM
I would appreciate your advice regarding the Netgear router/modem. I have
been trying to update the firmware but it refuses to upload the latest
firmware from Netgear using the firmware update page.

I have been trying to update using the Version 4.01.28 UK.
Does anyone know how to get the unit to update


11-07-08, 02:48 PM
hi i tried this on an old router i had it was a dg834GT locked to sky, i put the router in an error state, then downloaded the router repair software from the netgear site, then it forced the firmware i had on to the router, it worked fine for a few months till i upgraded to sky from bt, they provided a shiny new rangemax one so i sold it on ebay, i found a thread on google, by searching for unlock sky router, then looking for the model number in the results, hope this helps