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08-18-08, 04:44 AM
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> GeorgeMcFly wrote:
>> I am working as a school librarian. How do i keep my students off of
>> facebook and Youtube?
>> What's the best freeware program for this?
>> best program at any level?
>> TIA
> An excellent filter is available in Untangle (free program which turns an
> old computer (with 2 network cards) into a great filter and security

Using two network cards is not possible with newer computers. They
are making computers now with NO PCI slots, so the only Ethernet
port you would have would be the one built into the motherboard.

When I got one new computer, I had to switch from cable to DSL
service with multiple IPs, and have all the computers hook to the DSL
through the switch, becuase of the lack of a PCI slot to insert an extra
Ethernet interface. The only method of using one computer as a
router, and two NIC cards was no longer possible on my network,
becuase of no PCI slots.

I had to switch, here at the radio station, from cable to DSL,
so I could get the multiple IPs to put all the PCs on the network,
when I put in a new gateway machine here. I cannot use one
new expensive sound card I purchased becuase I do not have
any PCI slot to put it into.

Computers really did change in the 3 years or so without having to
buy a new one. There are no PCI slots, and no COM or LPT
ports on newer machines. I had to buy an Ethernet capable
printer and put that on my network, in order to be able to print
anything. I could not use the printer I had becuase I had no
LPT or COM port to plug it into.

So make sure you have the PCI slots available for extra NIC cards,
if you intend to use something like Untangle, of some other kind of
software routers/file sharing solutions. Some newer machines will
NOT have them. No PCI slots mean you cannot install an extra
NIC interface.