View Full Version : Replication errors from a pix 525

08-13-08, 03:09 PM
I've got a pair of PIX 525 in an active/standby configuration. I
recently made some fairly large configuration changes to the active
pix. Ever since then, I'm getting some errors when writing the config
to the standby unit. The error looks something like:

"At <date/time>, this active PIX was sending it configuration to the
standby PIX and would not properly accept
configuration changes. After this PIX notifies ASDM that configuration
synchronization is complete, ASDM will
send the current configuration changes.

Send configuration to the PIX now anyway rather than waiting?"

If I answer Send, I get another dialog which contains "write standby"
and "Config replication in progress... Please try later."

How can I best get the standby pix back in sync with the active one?