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01-01-01, 08:12 AM
I am thinking about buying this mother board.

Its an ASUS P3V4X, its based on the VIA-Apollo 133A chipset. Any opinions good or bad.

This is the equipment I want to put on the board.

P3 800E
320 mb PC133 SDRAM
Western Digital 7200rpm 2mb cache ATA/66
Hercules 3D Prophet 2 GTS 64 mb
Sound Blaster Live value
ASUS 50x cd rom
HP CDR-W 9150i

Any compatibility issues?


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01-01-01, 02:05 PM
Why the P3V4X? The Asus CUSL2 is on par w/the everlasting BX chipset and isn't based on Via's terrible chips.

01-01-01, 02:17 PM
Wait a minute, is this a Slot 1 or Socket 370 CPU? If it is Slot 1, go w/a BX motherboard. If it is Socket 370, go w/the CUSL2.

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01-01-01, 05:03 PM
Its a slot 1 P3.

What motherboard would you reccomend. I am trying to get 4x agp and ata66 or ata100 on board. Also glc1, thanks for all your help bud!!

01-01-01, 05:12 PM
Get an old BX board, such as the Asus P3B-F, and addon a third party Ultra100/66 controller.

01-01-01, 05:13 PM
i have the p3v4x. is stable...prolly not the fastest thing out there though.


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