View Full Version : Linksys Router/DHCP/Charter

07-30-08, 08:09 AM
Hi all,

I have Charter as my ISP. I have at least three computers (2 wired and 1 wireless) on my network. All have static Ips to the router with DHCP disabled. Yesterday when I got home from work, the entire network couldn't connect to the internet. Internal networking worked fine. I called charter and of course they had me connect directly to the modem and when I connected to the internet they could not help me any further.

After several hours of work, I figured out that once I enabled DHCP on the Linksys router and changed all my TSP/ISP settings to obtain an IP from the router, everything connected back and was working fine.

Once I disable DHCP and assign IPS on each computer, no internet.

Any assisstance would be greatly appreciated. I have no reason to believe my router is the problem.