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01-01-01, 12:50 AM
A post in the sofware forum prompted me to take a look at my system configuration.

I have an ASUS P3B-F(rev 1006) mother board.
This board only supports Ultra DMA/33.(I believe)

I have two hard drives in my system.

The master is a Western Digital (10.2 gig 7200 rpm 2mb cache)(WD102BA). This drive is Ultra ATA/66 compliant.

The slave is an old IBM Deskstar(4.3 gig) 16GP, 5400rpm Ultra DMA/33.(I use this for back up only)

I have both of these drives on the same IDE channel. Since my motherboard is only Ultra DMA/33 this should not be a problem, should it?

In the revised manual from ASUS they mention using a PCI ULTRA DMA/66 Controller card. Would it worth it, for me to get one of these card? Will I see a performance increase? Speed and FPS are very important to me. I do have a few(4) empty pci slots. Well only three, the one below the Hercules GTS 2 can't be used, the fan hangs a little low.

If I am mixing terminology here, please let me know.


01-01-01, 01:43 AM

By all means get the UDMA ATA-100 card. For 50 dollars or less you will get two more IDE channels and a big jump in speed for your drive. Maxtor now has it packaged with their new 60gig 7200rpm drive... In Staples for 249.00. The higher the gigs the faster the drive (areal density means more data space is covered per revolution). The 60 gigger will be much faster than your 10 gigger.

I hope I was of some help!


01-01-01, 03:36 AM
You probably won't notice any difference w/an ATA66 controller, or even an ATA100 controller/drive for that matter. However, I suggest purchasing one so you can have one IDE device per cable. When two devices are on a single cable, they have to "wait their turn", as two devices can't be communicating on the same channel at once.

01-01-01, 04:00 AM

The 66/100 can read the 2Meg cache at full speed... I know it made a difference on my machine.


01-01-01, 09:06 AM
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Hell_Yes:

For 50 dollars or less you will get two more IDE channels and a big jump in speed for your drive. </font>

I feel so. I have ATA66 for both of my HD... and it seems make loading file faster

01-01-01, 12:57 PM
I've got the PCI Ultra ATA 100 controller installed and my WD hard drive is connected to it. Is there any sites I can go to and bench my drive to see how it is performing?

Also, I need a little system configuration advice.

I have the wd hd hooked to the pci ATA 100 controller card.

My secondary IDE onboard controller has two cd rom drives on it, a 50x ASUS and a hp 9500i cd rw.

I have the primary onboard ide controller empty, I really would like to continue to use my old IBM hd for back up only. What would be the easy way to get this drive up and running. I tried hooking it into the primary onboard IDE controller and my system is trying to boot from this drive, I want the system to boot from the pci ata/100 wd hd. If I leave the IBM disconnected the system does boot from the western dig. drive.


01-01-01, 02:01 PM
Jon, the drive that you want to boot from needs to be setup as the primary bootable drive. Which drive did you boot off of in your initial scenario?

You may have to make some changes to the BIOS in order to boot off of a HDD that is connected to the third party controller. Enter the BIOS and goto the BOOT menu and set OTHER BOOT DEVICE to SCSI BOOT DEVICE.

01-03-01, 04:58 PM
I've been through just about this exact same fiasco except with an ASUS P2B-F motherboard. I benchmarked my Maxtor 7200rpm drive and got a pathetic average around 18MB/s.

So I finally bit the bullet and bought a Ultra ATA 100 card. For some reason the first time I popped the card in nothing worked so I stuck the IDE cables back into my ASUS IDE slots and check the Promise website to see what's up. However, this IDE cable that I plugged back into my ASUS IDE slot was the ATA cable, not the old IDE cable so I thought to myself "hey lets do a benchmark, see if this ATA cable alone does anything"....guess what my benchmark went to something like 24MB/s. (Gotta admit, I still wonder if my old IDE cable just sucked...so I'd like other people with similar configurations to do some testing to verify my results).

I am gonna make a page about this, I've got screenshots of everything. It's such a long story, instead of making a huge post about it I should make a page about it tonight or something and refer everyone to the page.

Something in this page will be about the acoustic management utility. Maxtor 7200rpm drives throttle down the speed to make them quieter...check www.maxtor.com (http://www.maxtor.com) in the utilities section for this. It made a big difference for me, especially in access time.

Hope I get my **** together and make this Maxtor info page, it's an eye opener for sure.

01-03-01, 11:00 PM
In order to boot from a drive on the ATA66-100 card, you must select SCSI as your boot drive in your BIOS.....


01-04-01, 02:14 PM
Okay here it is, check out my page at http://postul8or.8m.com/

I wasn't able to complete all of the acoustic management utility analysis because the utility doesn't seem to work on device connected to a ATA controller card...they only want to work on my motherboard IDE chipset I guess.

So please read my little article, tell me what you think through email or posts here.

Good day.

01-06-01, 03:41 AM
Hell yes, You have to select scsi to boot ! I don't I just did I system transfer with my to the card with a Win 98 boot up disks. What kind of card are you useing? Just intrested. I use a SIIG UltraATA66 Controller card. The command I used was in it's Manual. It stated to use your os bootup disk and when the promp came up. A:/ Sys C: and it transferd my harddrive to the pc card. But after you do this you are suppose to reboot and go into your bios and remove your hard drive from it.Which in turn Left my primary Idechannel open so I used it for my burner.Dose your card have its own bios. Windows recongnizie the hard drive fine and it run great. I my board would not support 66 only 33 and I bought WD drive 20gh 7200rpms and I wanted to make sure I got the speed for the drive I paid for.I have ran test on it and it is running at the right speeds.

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01-06-01, 02:32 PM
I think you may have misunderstood me.

The first time I plugged stuff into my Promise ATA 100 card for some reason my drives weren't detected. When I tried a second time DOING THE EXACT SAME THING it suddenly worked! With computers I don't even bother to ask WHY stuff like this happens it's just so routine to try something twice, 3 times etc. and get completely different results.

The only problem remaining now is to get this acoustic management utility to work with the Promise card instead of my motherboard IDE slots so I can continue my analysis (check postul8or.8m.com). I'm going to try totally disabling my motherboard's IDE controller to see if that makes any difference (and hell it saves 2 IRQ's anyways so maybe something will stop sharing an IRQ now).

Hopefully this clears things up.

Everyone, tell me what you think of my little article that I've posted on my website.

01-06-01, 06:43 PM

Re: SCSI to boot.

What was suggested to me by Promise and it presentedly working in one of my machines....

You didn't need it? Go figure! http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif


01-06-01, 06:48 PM
Hell Yes, Strange how different cards work! Was just wandering thats all. Thanks for the answer.