View Full Version : Can't get AVG8 Free to scan second account

07-26-08, 01:01 AM
For the last three days, I have read all that I could understand on AVG-8 Free, and cannot find a reference to my dilima. I am using a BB connection, xp sp-3 with AVG-8 Free . I use Outlook Express, I have two email accounts, the first one is earthlink (set at default on ox ) it uses a pop3 server, that AVG-8 Free scans fine with no problems at all. The second one is a msn email account that uses a http server with a http server url that avg-8 will not scan. I set everything up automatically last week and noticed a few days ago that there were only 23 email scans according to the avg-8 log. so I sent emails to the two accounts I have and sure enough, the msn one did not register on the AVG counter for emails scanned.

I could find no mention of setting up another account using AVG-8. Not even sure if I can, there is not much at all out here regarding my particular problem. I am just trying to find out how to get my msn with a http server to work.

I went to AVG email scanner > tools > advanced settings > then servers and only had two options, pop3 or smpt there, then I went to proxy and was lost. I have no knowledge as to what to do from here.
I tried looking on all the AVG sites and came up empty handed.

I hope I have explained myself clearly enough. One more thing, I called msn support and was told they had no idea what I was talking about.