View Full Version : big problems with friends netgear internet router

12-31-00, 12:17 AM
me and a friend recently tried to upgrade the firmeware on his netgear 314 router....after we did the router rebooted but now the router is stuck on test mode....all the LEDs are lit up and we can't http or telnet into the router software....
my question is:
hwo do you access the router though the serial port (what program do you use and how to set it up and access the router and reset the firmware). Netgears web site isn't to clear on that

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12-31-00, 11:39 PM
yes netgear's website sucks... i have a netgear router and i upgraded the firmware but had no problem. when using a serial cable you use telnet to access the router. should use like think that is the default setting. but if it is stuck on test mode you may be out of luck as to you may not be able to telnet or anything to it.