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12-30-00, 08:49 PM
I bought a DVD player and got some dvds for christmas, and while playing movies, some worse than others, it kinda "skips" like the frame jumps ever so slightly. I mean its not anything huge but its very noticeable and its realllly getting on my nerves. It is an 8x dvd player. I should think that any dvd player would be able to handle playing dvds without flaws, but is it because my player is just a P.O.S.? Also, my graphics card is an ATI rage 128. I've been to their site, I've called computer stores, I've already done several things but it still hasnt been eliminated. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it? Thanks a bunch.

12-30-00, 08:54 PM
ATI's generally have nice DVD performance, so I doubt its that. What type of processor and how much RAM do you have. What are you running in the background?


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12-30-00, 09:21 PM
a hollywood hardware decoder card, perhaps?

12-30-00, 09:40 PM
any chance u have an acer dvd rom?

12-31-00, 03:52 AM
Originally posted by bug:
a hollywood hardware decoder card, perhaps?Definitely not needed w/an ATI video card, as they are the only video cards that offer true DVD hardware acceleration out of the box. A Hollywood decoder is no match for an ATI vid card.

12-31-00, 10:35 AM
Yea thats what ATI's main little thing is, the fact that their video card uses the card and your processor so you wont need to buy an extra decodor, they made a big point about that. Well I run a Celeron 566, overclocked to 700, with 128 ram. I built it myself, its not a weak computer. The dvd rom was in a store in a stack, they just come in a clear bag and an installation disk, no box or anything. Its just labeled as DVD ROM 8X, it doesnt say anything about a maker anywhere. So what do you think, is it the DVD player? Thanks again.

12-31-00, 09:44 PM
Your using ATI's DVD player, correct?

01-01-01, 11:51 AM
Yea im using ati's dvd player, and I got the most updated driver too...I am thinking its the actual hardware.