View Full Version : Authenciating app to write to flash drive

07-05-08, 09:50 PM
Hi to all.

Everyone of us may have come across the devious script worms which
copies itself to a connected Flash drive or the obselete floppy drive
or a more devious virus which changes all the folders in a flash
to an executable (Kinda is think its name is). Win Vista atleast
care of the script worm but in XP I have to manually (attrib -s -h
script.vbs) everytime and remove the script which is not good.

I want to write an application which confirms with the user to let a
specific application write to a flash drive. I could have written a
wrapper driver or replaced system DLL with redirecting DLL of my own
but the program(or idea) should also work in other computers (which
means it should not assume to run in administrative previlieges).

I searched the internet and have not been able to find any solution
this problem except encrypting the whole drive itself which again
requires me to carry another flash drive for the decrypting

Any ideas are welcome.