View Full Version : What are the benefits of dual processors?

12-30-00, 07:37 PM
Just curious as I may buy a new mobo. Why 2 processors???

12-30-00, 07:38 PM
Generally, just more speed. If you have an operating system that really takes advantage of both, such as Unix/Linux or BeOS you will see more of the benefits. These OS's can better divide the workload between the procs.


12-30-00, 07:39 PM

unless you are running NT or W2K

and the app/prog supports multi threading

12-30-00, 07:41 PM
I run win 2k

12-31-00, 12:33 AM
Correct me if I am wrong, but under 2k tasks are splint amoungst the processors. HD I/O and other BS can be handled by one CPU while the other does the real work. Some proggies like photoshop can use multis as well.

12-31-00, 02:45 AM
Yeah, general every day tasks under 2k may benefit slightly from dual CPUs, however, apps that are designed for dual CPUs will really yield the benefits. Dual CPUs are only needed for high-end video/audio workstations, graphic workstations, servers, etc.

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