View Full Version : ping request timed out

07-01-08, 05:20 PM
We use Windows Server 2003. My computer was able to ping to other computers on LAN but when someone else used to ping to my computer it said request timed out.
Remote Desktop Connections could also not be established to this computer even though the settings related to remote desktop are fine. When I stopped and disabled the CISCO VPN CLient Service in the Administrative Tools->Service , then both problems were solved.
Yesterday when i restarted my computer both problems appeared again. I went to the services but CISCO VPN CLient Service is still disabled.
I even uninstalled the CISCO VPN CLient but it does not respond to ping now. Though it can still send ping reuqests.

Now tell me what to do. Firewall is also turned off. It can ping to itself cant receive ping from others. Connect to other remote desktops but anyone can't connect to its own desktop.