View Full Version : Abaca's ReceiverNet technology gurantees 99% accuracy in blockingspam mails

06-30-08, 02:55 AM
I read an article about a new technology called ReceiverNet from
Abaca. ReceiverNet technology characterizes each protected user based
on the percentage of spam they receive and then uses those reputations
to rate the incoming message flow. I changed my spam filtering system
to Abaca’s Email Protection Gateway and it blocked Replica watches
spam mails, Subpoena Phishing mails and many more. I found that
Abaca’s ReceiverNet service has 99% efficiency in blocking spam mails
and they guarantee their results . Download the Osterman Research
white paper from this link http://abaca.com/downloads/A%20New%20Approach%20to%20Defeating%20Spam.pdf
for more information.