View Full Version : Wireless Printer Server/Range Expander

06-27-08, 05:38 PM
I am endeavoring to set up a print server that would ordinarily be at
the very edge of the wireless range.
Goal is:
WGPS606 (netgear wireless print server) to WRE54G (linksys wireless
range expander) to WRT54G (linksys wireless router) to WRE54G (same
wireless range expander) to wireless laptop
When I try to print this way, I'll usually get a few lines to print
successfully and then the job fails.
If I move the printer into the room with the router and connect
wirelessly to that directly, the printer works fine.
If I leave the printer connected to the range expander and move the
laptop so that it connects directly to the router (still wirelessly),
the printer works fine.
I'm hoping someone might be able to help me sort this out--it's
frustrating to have to leave my office and walk to the other end of
the house to pick something up off the printer. I can't for the life
of me understand why the printer is failing--unless that's just too
many handshakes for the WGPS606 to handle?
Help! Thanks.