View Full Version : Accessing Router problems

06-25-08, 09:50 AM
I have a remote location with a USRobotics 8054.
I connect using remote desktop to a 2003 server. Then use VNC or http
to connect to computers and routers.

I upgraded the firmware on this router. It seemed to go ok ?

The computers that are connected to it I think are working I can ping
them. So I think the router is working.

The old static ip address was

When I try to connect using this ip it does not connect to the router.
When I try using the default ip, perhaps it went to the default eg specified by the manufacturer it still does not

Can I ping a mac address or something else to see if I get some
response. I dont really want to go to the location unless I have to.

Maybe I cant access a 123.245 address if the network is
network? I'm unsure of this.