View Full Version : Overclocking 233MMX

12-29-00, 08:47 PM
I have a PowerleapPL/Pro adaptor with a 233MMX. It would not overclock. My mobo only goes to 66mhz. Is there a trick to get it to run at 266MMX that I don't know about? I changed the settings on the PL/PRO but it would lower the rating to 133,166,180,200 and finally 233. I have read that you cannot overclock a 233 but this site seems to indicate that you can.

12-30-00, 09:22 AM
Even if you did overclock it, the results would nto be too great.

12-30-00, 02:32 PM
yeah, i tried and got it to 266 mhz, and it didn't make a lick of good.