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12-29-00, 06:20 PM
I'm looking @ putting in another stick of 128 MB PC-100 RAM....but WTF is ECC and Non-ECC Ram? Which one is better? I checked my specs, and I currently got 128 PC-100 NON-ECC RAM.....so what should I buy for my upgrade?

Plus, I got a Dell XPSR450 (P2 450Mhz)
and Dell is selling 128 MB PC-100 for $326CDN including tax and shipping.

@ FutureShop, 128 of Crucial is $149 plus tax, and Kingston is $139 Plus tax.

Thx for input.

12-29-00, 06:24 PM
ECC = Error Checking and Correction
This type of RAM is only needed w/mission critical systems--files servers, web servers, etc. It's also slower than non-ECC RAM.

ECC and non-ECC RAM can NOT be mixed.

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12-29-00, 07:57 PM
Damn man, I saw a stick of 256 crucial CAS 2 PC133 for 150. I'll try to remember where.


12-29-00, 07:58 PM
Just Like to remind y'all that prices I gave were Canadian dollars http://www.speedguide.net/ubb/biggrin.gif