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12-29-00, 03:30 AM
well I bought me a logitech optical mouse and guess what, it ain't going to well

when I install the mouse drivers and software the mouse works okay, but when i shutdown windows I get a nice blue screen with the message that there was a fatal error and when I reboot the pc I have to reinstall the mouse again

anyone else have this problem?? or anyone know a solution??

12-29-00, 03:36 AM
I have the same mouse - works great!

What OS are you using

What version of MouseWare are you installing

What error are you getting

12-29-00, 05:01 AM
another guy on speed guide... Zmoney, he had an opticle mouse and said that they aren't good for stuff like immage edditing because they don't pickup little stuff like nudges to make something precice. Be smart man.. and keep your balls!

you'll give smidley the same look a cow gives to an oncoming train.

12-29-00, 05:48 AM

Take back the mouse.

Get your money back, and exchange it for a nice Microsoft Wheelmouse.

Nothing special.

I had the same logitech mouse, and I was saddened to learn that not only does it NOT perform well, but it screws up several windows settings.

It is horrible for games, and not all that accurate.

Wait a few years, until they perfect optical technology.


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12-29-00, 05:12 PM
There is nothing wrong w/optical mice, MS's or Logitech's. I own two Logitech optical mice and haven't had any problems w/either.

cobra25, what OS are your running and is the mouse attached to a USB or PS/2 port?

12-29-00, 11:49 PM
I'm just wondering, what do you guys set your mouse sensitivity at?? I NEVER had a problem with moving the mouse really fast and lossing tracking. I set my sensitivity high though.

01-01-01, 07:17 AM
Yup I own 2 logitech mice, the mouseman wheel and the wheel mouse. They are great, the ball mice you'd think would be less accurate. Sometimes they get snagged and and it has moving parts more likely to break down. But oh well...

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01-01-01, 01:54 PM
Had probs with MS Trackball 3.2
Eventually learned I had to replace driver that came with it.