View Full Version : Gigabit + 100Mbps Query

06-06-08, 09:43 AM
I've currently got two computers connected (via Gigabit on-board network controllers) to a 100Mbps router. I'd very much like to have a Gigabit connection between these two machines (one, being my main gaming/movie watching PC and the other being a browsing/misc PC) for file sharing.

Since one board (MSI P7N Diamond) has two Gigabit connections, and the other has a Gigabit and a standard 10/100, is it possible to have both machines directly connected to each other, and also the router (for internet use)? I'd rather not use ICS on one machine, as I don't like one PC being dependant on the other being switched on.

Can I directly link the two Gigabit ports, then connect the remaining ports to the router? Or would I need a Gigabit switch between the two, which is in turn connected to the router?

Thanks for any advice/help.

06-12-08, 07:54 AM
Bump - any advice?