View Full Version : Routing Problem

Chuck Smith
06-01-08, 04:02 PM
Not sure how or why everything is configured on a new network I am working
on. Our network is X.X.X.X with a gateway X.X.X.2 that is a router
connected to the internet. There is one point to point T1 to a disatar
recovery site with an address of Y.Y.Y.Y. Users try to telnet to Y.Y.Y.Y
and the session fails. If they first ping Y.Y.Y.Y (which they get a reply)
they can then telnet with no problems.

After pinging the local windows route table shows it Y.Y.Y.Y with a gateway
of X.X.X.1. I can add a persistent route on the windows PC but I'm looking
for a network solution. We are using DHCP but I'm at a loss how to set this