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05-26-08, 12:15 AM
Anyone familiar or considering this as an option. I'm going to try a system out on my 97 sentra.

I normally wouldn't put much stock in this sort of thing, but one of the components is something we happen to sell online at my work and we've sold more in the last month than we have in the last 4 years combined.

My boss mentioned a similar sales phenomenon with airstones when unleaded gas was no longer available and isn't convinced, but for the amount of money that I need to invest, if I get 10% gain in fuel economy it will pay for itself in a month or two. Hoping to get a 30% gain in economy at the minimum, however.

05-27-08, 05:35 PM
Links to said systems?

How much does the conversion cost?

05-28-08, 11:01 AM

This is where I started, but I ended up on YouTube seeking a better electrolyzer design.

Again, I know it looks hookey, but we'll see. Today I'm going to start gathering components.

I'll let you know what I spend.

De Plano
06-07-08, 01:25 PM

06-11-08, 05:20 PM
About $130, but I have about 3/4 of what I need to build 8 more. Got it installed and running today. I used a dual output design - one right after the air filter another going directly into the intake manifold via a vacuum line.

I'm going to check my mileage this afternoon, if it goes well I'll post some pics.

Cross your fingers (humby's mom will have to cross her legs, her hands are siliconed to the bed post at the moment.) :D

06-12-08, 02:30 PM
Here's the Cell:

Post Air filter injection:

Intake manifold injection:

Here is a small clip of the gas production: (starts off showing no production, then production without the engine running, and finally production with the engine running.jZgPjWZNoNY

So far I definitely have a 6mpg improvment, I'll have a better picture when I go through a tank or two.

07-09-08, 11:35 PM

I've gone through two tanks of gas and my MPG is essentially unchanged. I've been a bit lazy and haven't built the sensor enhancer, but I will soon, err I uhhh promise.

07-12-08, 08:33 AM
Thnaks for the update.

What is this sensor enhancer of which you speak?